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The story behind the logo

I wanted to work in the letter "C" for Cunningham which naturally creates a wave shape. This represents my connection to the ocean, growing up on the coast of California. The wave then forms into a paintbrush at the bottom, representing my roots, growing up with a love for creating art. 

About Laura


Laura Cunningham’s innovative, unique style of art combines photography and graphic design to demonstrate the moods and overall beauty of the ocean.


Based in Southern California, Cunningham reflects on her life’s coastal inspiration, “Being nurtured since childhood by the ocean’s beauty and wonder, I now communicate that experience through color and texture.”


Cunningham pursued her BA in Art at Cal State Long Beach – during which time she explored woodworking, printmaking, oil painting, photography and design. Next, she achieved a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at The Academy of Art in San Francisco. 


After working as a graphic designer for many years, she established a private studio to launch her own, original line of coastal-themed artwork.  Cunningham’s lively studio, located in Encinitas, is filled with an array of creative gear – including high-tech equipment such as a large format printer, sewing machine and power tools, along with some basic paints, paint brushes and a plethora of canvas.


“Growing up in a small Southern California beach community, I am inspired by the colors and moods of the ocean,” Cunningham explains.  “Using photographs that I have taken along the California coast, I define my work as ‘mixed media’ –combining enhanced photography with my graphic design skills and incorporating sewing, painting and wood work to complete a piece that creates a harmony with all of these elements.”


Each of Cunningham’s inspired works allows us to look at the coastal world through her eyes – gifting us all a breath of fresh ocean breeze, a touch of cool salt-water spray, and – most purposefully, a sense of peace and serenity.

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